Andrea Nicolotti is a well-established manufacturer that has been exporting wholesale pants to many countries in the Middle East and Europe with 100% Turkish production since 1998.

It is progressing as a leader in many models in lower clothing with the use of both imported and domestic high quality fabrics.

Andrea Nicolotti, which has many sub-brands, sets its lines with 22 years of experience.


With the high quality and innovative products that create not only different sub-cultures and men's fashion of clothing in Turkey, but also reaching out to the sellers and consumers all over the world and providing quality outlooks that customer feels good inside to be the most admired and preferred brand in the sector.

With the developing technologies in the renewed era, bringing the products that are produced with the latest technology and trends to the higher standards and opening up to the world by using e-commerce channels.


Meeting the consumer and seller expectations at the highest level with a wide range of models by providing the right quality product-price ratio.

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